Welcome to the SEA

Welcome to the Software Engineering Authority, a site dedicated to providing technology professionals the knowledge, skills, and resources required for success in the arena of software development and delivery automation.

Unlike other locales that focus on the technical or mechanical aspects of DevOps, the SEA offers resources for business leaders seeking to maximize the value attained from their software development and operational investments. We believe that achieving excellence in the software engineering space requires a high degree of skill and discipline that many organizations are either unable or unwilling to reach. We also understand that a high-performing delivery organization must be matched with excellence in executive leadership and business strategy in order to succeed.

How the site is structured

Content on The Software Engineering Authority is organized into eight major categories, each of which represents a key area of performance that is necessary for organizations of any size to deliver better software, faster. 

Leadership Great engineering starts with leadership. Articles in this category apply leadership principles to the development of software that people love to use.
Business Strategy High quality code is meaningless if the products being built have little market demand. Articles on business strategy discuss how to decide what to build, as well as how to ensure that software products are economically viable.
Software Engineering Methods Over the past six decades, software engineers have developed a variety of practices or techniques to improve our ability to build high quality products. Articles in this section highlight specific techniques that generate value. 
Architecture Many software teams struggle with the relationship between architecture and engineering. At one organization one of Len Greski's architecture managers referred to his relationship with the engineering teams as the Hatfields vs. the McCoys, an American folklore metonym for bitterly feuding rival parties. Articles in this section discuss how to create work environments where architects and developers collaborate instead of feud. 
Engineering Principles Principles represent higher ideas, rules, or guidelines for solving engineering problems. Articles in this section discuss how to apply engineering principles to solve concrete problems. 
Engineering Disciplines Disciplines refer to the twelve agile engineering disciplines discussed in the Poppendiecks' book, Leading Lean Software: results are not the point. Articles in this section explain how to implement the core agile engineering disciplines, and grow an organization's engineering maturity over time.
Metrics Over the last 20 years it has become easier to measure aspects of the software development process. Articles in this section discuss what to measure, as well as what not to measure. 
Tools There are thousands of engineering tools on the market, and it's easy for engineering teams to spend more time arguing over tools than building software. Articles in this section discuss tools that help automate the build / test / deploy process so teams can reduce batch size without increasing transaction cost, the key reason why software development teams frequently batch large volumes of changes into a single production deploy.


So welcome once again to the premier authority for software engineering we believe you will find anywhere! We hope you find value - and success - in what we have to offer.